A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A minimalist puzzle game that you need to get a feel for in order to master it.

Chip Clash is about speed and precision. The faster you play the more you score and the harder it gets. Try it, fail and try again.

The rules are simple: Merge any two chips and score. Watch the distances of the surrounding chips. Every chip needs a neighbor. Play the shrinking chips as the game also ends when you are out of chips. The quicker you merge chips the higher your score will be.

Chip Clash for desktop is still under development. I'm planning to integrate a leaderboard and achievement system like the android version has.

Feel free to contact me: contact@horsed.org | @mknpf

Install instructions

You need to have the Java Runtime Edition installed. The minimum required version is 7. You can find the downloads here.

With Java installed you just need to execute the downloaded chipclash.jar.

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chip-clash.jar 20 MB

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