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GlobSearch is an extension for Unity® that allows searching the scene hierarchy using glob patterns and paths.

Use wildcards when searching by name: "My*Object"

Filter results by specifying a path: "/MainGameObject/My*Object"


Import GlobSearch into your Unity® project. This makes a new window, called "GlobSearch", available under "Tools > GlobSearch". Open this window to use GlobSearch.

Start typing a query in the search field.

If "Live search" is enabled, GlobSearch will search as you type a query. Otherwise you can press ENTER or RETURN on your keyboard or press the "Search" button.


Searches game objects by name and will match anything with this exact name

Matches any game object starting with "Door_"

Searches game objects by path and matches any game object with this exact path

Matches any door under /House/Doors/

Matches Doors_01, Doors_02, Doors_03

Matches any door except Door_01 and Door_03

Matches at least one door with the name Door_01 or Door_03

Matches any Door in the hierarchy

Matches any game object in the hierarchy


Before parsing the path part patterns, braced sections are expanded into a set. Braced sections start with { and end with }, with any number of comma-delimited sections within. Braced sections may contain slash characters, so a{/b/c,bcd} would expand into a/b/c and abcd.

The following characters have special magic meaning when used in a path portion:

* (e.g. /House/Doors/Door_*)
Matches 0 or more characters in a single path portion? Matches 1 character

Matches a range of characters, similar to a RegExp range. If the first character of the range is ! or ^ then it matches any character not in the range.

Matches anything that does not match any of the patterns provided.

Matches zero or one occurrence of the patterns provided.

Matches one or more occurrences of the patterns provided.

Matches zero or more occurrences of the patterns provided.

Matches exactly one of the patterns provided.

If a "globstar" is alone in a path portion, then it matches zero or more game objects and sub game objects searching for matches.


  • Searching the project window
  • A search history
  • Query options, like number of matches, nth match only etc.



*) Explanation of search patterns borrowed from node-glob.


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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